Fishing Licenses
Fishing Licenses must be purchased from another location.  Saddlebag Lake does not have the online equipment that is required by the California Department of Fish and Game to sell Fishing Licenses. 

Rainbow Trout  Rainbows are the most popular of all Sierra Trout. They are caught more frequently than any other trout in the Eastern Sierra. They are raised at local hatcheries and when they reach a catchable size, they are planted into roadside lakes and streams. Saddlebag Lake receives a fresh supply of Rainbow Trout each week. Because Rainbows are used to being hand fed, they will devour just about anything offered to them.  Brook Trout  "Brookies" are a colorful fish marked with a worm-like pattern on its upper body, red spots on its side, white-tipped fins and a brilliant red or orange belly. Their heads are out of proportion with the test of their skinny bodies. Brook Trout will feed aggressively on many different insects, making fly-fishing the best way to catch these fish. These fish could be the tastiest of all Sierra trout.  Brown TroutBrown Trout are sometimes referred to as German brown, and they are the wariest of all Sierra trout. They have a reputation for being hook shy and are the most difficult to catch. They are a red and black spotted fish and can be quite colorful. Golden TroutThese crimson, olive and yellow trout, with bellies of flame orange paint are the most beautiful trout in the world. Golden Trout only live in lakes above 10,000 feet, and many dwell in the lakes of the 20 Lakes Basin. Many people spot them, but relatively few people ever catch them.