Saddlebag Lake is just outside Yosemite in the Hoover Wilderness and is a favorite among Yosemite hikers. It is also a backdoor cross-country entrance into the park by way of McCabe Lakes

The region behind and including Saddlebag Lake is known as the 20 Lakes Basin. The loop can be hiked in a day and the lakes are stocked with trout and ready for your arrival! Our Boat Taxi Service will drop you off at the far end of Saddlebag Lake and pick you up later at whatever time you specify. The shuttle saves you 1.5 miles each way. 

Overnight Permits can be obtained from Mono County Visitors Center in Lee Vining, CA. or from Touloume Meadows Ranger Station in Yosemite.  You will NOT be able to obtain an overnight permit from Saddlebag Lake Resort.

  Saddlebag Lake and 20 Lakes Basin Hike
A day-hike loop that is a favorite among hikers 
  Total Distance: 8.3 miles   Difficulty: Moderate   Elevation gain: 310 feet  
 Trail traffic: Moderately heavy   Best Months: All summer - whenever Tioga Road is open. However, high water, wet meadows, and deep snow sometimes make travel difficult early in the season   Permits: None for a day hike. 
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