Saddlebag Lake Resort is currently owned by Richard and Carmen Ernst of Modesto, California. Richard and Carmen Ernst own and operate a walnut farm in Modesto, California. In 1997, they purchased Saddlebag Lake Resort. Richard operates the Boat Taxi and Fishing Guide Service, while Carmen operates the Cafe and General Store. When they are not enjoying life at Saddlebag, they spend time with their four children and 13 grandchildren!

The previous owners of Saddlebag Lake Resort are pictured above Chuck and Mavis Grover, Richard and Carmen Ernst (current owners) and Don and Lois Steenerson.

It has just come to our attention that Chuck Grover has passed on to the eternal fishing grounds.  Our prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends. Here is a warm tribute from Chuck's son Richard.

Charles Richmond Grover 9/17/1913 - 9/04/2007
Chuck left the dock on the morning of September 4, 2007, bound for a special spot where the trout were plentiful and provide great sport.  The waters cool and deep with just the right amount of ripple.  No limit there, and he will probably catch and release to let them return to match wile and wit and fight him yet again.  We will miss this fisherman who once caught a large trout off of “Inch Cape Rock” with a chip of hard boiled egg shell.  I believe he loved Saddlebag as much as life.  Keep an eye open, you may catch a glimpse of a lone fisherman in the shadow of a cove or just before sunset near the springs.  I believe God will give him a “forever license” to fish on.

His son
Richard C. Grover